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Renewal / Extension of Registration on Delaware

You are wondering when to register your vessel or when to renew registration?

Since registrations are related to calendar years (valid until 31 December of the year in which the vessel registered, namely until the registration is completed), the registration procedure is best done at the registration expiration or at the beginning of the year until the month of April, since thereafter  there is an increase in the query and the registry often can not process all the requests in a timely manner,  so you wait even for several months (in 2018, waiting for registration in the Delaware register in the period from May to September was over 60 days.)

What is also one of the benefits of this registry is that you can register the vessel before the expiration of registration. Namely, if your registration expires on December 31, the request can be submitted already on November 1st and will be valid by the end of next year (if the registration is for a period of one year).


  • Your registration expires on 31.12.2019.;
  • Request for renewal of registration for three years 01.11.2019.;
  • Your request is processed and processed as soon as possible and you have a new registration with you within 10 to 15 days;
  • Your registration is valid until 31.12.2022.

In order to renew the registration of a vessel that is registered in the Delaware register, we need an old registration of the vessel.

All documents must be in English or translated to the same by the court interpreter for the English language.

In cooperation with renowned insurance companies, we can provide the necessary insurance policies to third parties, voluntary crew and passenger insurance as well as casco insurance. Premiums depend on the length, age and price of the vessel, and the power of the drive engine.


We will notify you in due time of any changes in the registry, so you will know in a timely manner when to register your vessel to be ready for use during the season.

For any additional questions, we have at your disposal by email: registracija@registracijaplovila.com and at telephone numbers for Montenegro: +382 69 272600 (Viber and Whatsapp) and for SRB:+381 63 7726986 (Viber and Whatsapp)