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Registration of the boats

The yacht is a vessel of length greater than 7 m for motorized drive or sails, which can have more than one hull. It is designed and equipped for a longer stay at sea, sports and recreation, and can be used for personal needs or business activity.

All yacht owners or their authorized representatives are obligated to register their vessels in some of the world registries in order to navigate the territorial and international waters. Registration of yachts in the Montenegrin register is done for a period of 3 years, and after the expiration is done the renewal of registration.

The yacht can be registered in the Montenegrin registry:

  • Has not been previously entered in another register;
  • Yacht owned by domestic companies, legal entities and entrepreneurs or natural persons;
  • Yacht owned by foreign legal or natural persons;
  • Yacht for which the bareboat charter has been completed for the name of the charterer for the duration of the bareboat charter;

How to register a yacht on a Montenegrin flag?

Here you can find all the necessary information, but also all the necessary help if you want us to register your vessel for you.

Registration of the vessel is done in the Maritime Safety Administration - Register of yachts of Montenegro in the following manner:

The vessel owner or his authorized representative shall submit a request for entry and inspection of the vessel. Upon receipt of the request, the competent inspectors will notify you of the terms and schedule the inspection of the vessel. When inspecting your vessel for the occasion, a vessel has to be on dry, the inspector will check and photograph all the things that are necessary for you to safely, in accordance with the law of the Republic of Montenegro, own, operate and stay on the vessel, depending on the categories of navigation for you want to Register your vessel. There are 5 categories of navigation in the Montenegrin Yacht Charter *.

After that, you are obliged to submit the documentation - an original sales contract that is certified in accordance with the law or (a court / notarized) certified copy, which proves that the vessel is now owned by you or your company. If you wish to register a ship on a natural person, with a contract you need a certified copy of a personal document, or proof of registration of a company if it is the owner.

New and used vessels shall be required to submit a Builders Certificate of if they have been built by an internationally recognized company or a Calibration Certificate from licensed agencies in order to determine the navigational and technical characteristics for the vessels subject to inspection, as well as the Declaration of Shipbuilding Adjustment, which will guarantee that the manufacturer has built a vessel in accordance with international Directives.

National and international registers are interconnected and work to increase the safety and interconnectedness, and therefore, in case of the entry of vessels previously registered in any of the world's registries, it is necessary a deletion solution from the previous register, because an international maritime law forbids the registration of vessels in several registries at the same time.

The Republic of Montenegro at present has the minimum compulsory insurance against damage caused to third parties for motor yachts and sailing boats that come in territorial waters or who wish to be registered in the registry and it amounts to 800,000 EUR.

In addition to the insurance of the vessel, it is necessary to have a license for work on the radio station, that you can receive after the application for issuance of a work permit and payment of the fee for owning it. In addition to the above documentation necessary for registration, it is necessary to submit a confirmation for payment of fees and after that, the authorized person issues the Certificate of registration of yacht and the vessel is registered in General Register as well as the electronic register.

If you want a professional team to register your vessel, we need a notarized authorization from the owner or company owned by the vessel and we will make the registration of your vessel for you in the most efficient and reliable way.

* The categories of voyages in Montenegrin yacht law are:

  1. A – navigation without limitations,
  2. B – navigation up to 200 nautical miles from the port of refuge,
  3. C1 – navigation up to 60 nautical miles from the port of refuge and 25 nautical miles from the coast,
  4. C2 - navigation up to 20 nautical miles from the port of refuge and 6 nautical miles from the coast,
  5. C3 – navigation, during daylight and in favourable weather conditions, up to 20 nautical miles from the port of refuge and 6 nautical miles from the coast.
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